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“The string is cut and the Sword of Damocles falls upon us all,
The Third Child will come, and with their TITAN save us.”
- Prophecy of the Ancients, Final Lines (Chapter 4, Verse 12)

We saw them coming. It was for them that the world was graced with a TITAN. A colossus of vaguely humanoid form, we discovered that if a child of sufficient destiny was found, they could merge their mind with the monstrosity and attempt to assert control over the dormant mind within.

We saw them coming. From the edge of our solar system, the Attendants flew, and in the center of their formation was the Sword of Damocles, a blade of unfathomable size. Our scientists knew that it would pierce our planet to the core, and that would be the end of the world.

We saw them coming. As the Ancients foretold, we found our First Child. And we prepared for their arrival.

TITAN/child is a game about the struggle between a handful of fated children and an ancient alien mind for control of the alien body, a towering colossus and the only weapon to stop invaders from space from destroying the Earth. It is a game for two players, one of whom will play the TITAN while the other plays the series of children who will attempt to pilot the TITAN. The game starts by filling out the First Child, TITAN, and Setting sheets, then starting play with The First Attendant.

This game is deeply inspired by the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. It’s not meant to model the whole show, instead focusing on the struggle between individuality and synchronization. It is a dark game, and death of children is not only possible, but likely. Children also commit open violence.

If you enjoyed the system of this game, my other game Blood/Lust takes the basic mechanics and reshapes them into a 2-player game about a vampire and their prey/lover.

This game was originally designed for my Patreon, and is available in my Patreon Backlog, a collection of all of my Patreon games. The backlog can be accessed for a mere $10 per month.

Content Warning: This game contains violence perpetrated by and against children in a dramatic context.


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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